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True friends

26 February, 2017   I   by Masaj Erotic Bucuresti

It is said that in this life you will have at most 3 friends that you can rely on with the whole being. I would say that 3 is an optimistic figure and everything prietenii adevarati 1Depends on your circumstances. I met many people in my life, of all kinds and for all tastes. One thing has always been constant. I have never chosen to put my ideas in front of their ideas. But never. I chose to listen to them, understand their stories, the reasons and then declare that I agree or disagree with what they support. The funny thing was that I did not receive this treatment that I support it up and down. Even on the contrary, I was judged from the first word and not allowed to finish my sentence. This phenomenon was mainly accentuated when I chose to become masseuse in the art of erotic massage.

Parents were the first to revolt completely against my choice and they became cold to me. With every new discussion, he dealt more and more flatter and devoid of substance. What you are following is good and the end to be careful. You would think that the people who saw you grow up and guided you through the first steps to understand the moment when you choose to take steps alone. The world around us does not act according to our expectations. The parents’ decision to kick me out of their lives was followed by another. An acquaintance I consider her soul mate to feel offended by the path I chose and decided in her turn to cool myself.

prietenii adevarati 3I did not ask why, I did not want to hear insulting excuses. I did not want to talk about it, I did not want to understand the phenomenon, and I will never try that. I have accepted that some people leave our lives just as they came, suddenly. We have accepted that not all of us can look at the world in the same way, and it is useless to try to change the ideas of the other to be new. So we went further, so I decided to let the past pass. And that was one of the best decisions in my life. Because I met a team of strong people who support me in my art every new day. I met colleagues who understand that erotic massage has nothing sinful in it, it is not worth condemning but rather accepted.

Each of these wonderful women who are called simple and modest masseuses gave me the power to move on. They believed in me, they believed in my wish, they thought we could be different together.That’s why I choose every day what I have always chosen, so I choose to continue in this profession. Because he helped me to build my character and gave me confidence. Erotic massage is more than just a moment of pleasure, it’s a lifestyle.

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