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The best areas of the body for erotic massage

26 February, 2017   I   by Masaj Erotic Bucuresti

1. Girl

By stimulating the sexual arousal points located at the head, the face in general, you can improve your relaxation and you can get your partner upset. Stay in a more comfortable position to allow your movements, preferably in the saddle, and keep your partner’s head on your feet on a soft pad.

With your hands moisturized with a massage oil, face mantle, from forehead to jaw. This face massage is perfect to start a full erotic massage, because masking the head area allows you to get familiar with each other’s body.


2. Neck

The neck is extremely sensitive, very reactive to a simple touch. The person is stretched on the back and the person doing the massage stays in the head area to make the movements in full freedom. There are many nerve endings in the neck area, which is why a massage in this area leads to a complete relaxation of the whole body . Put a little oil in your hand, then massage your neck with some moves to extend on the back.

3. Back

The back is an area full of muscles and nerves that vibrate at the slightest touch. It starts with a few gestures of relaxation, with mild sores from the throat to the buttocks, slowly drowning on the partner’s skin. At the end, caress her buttocks, especially at the bottom of them.

4. Chest

It is a massage recommended especially to women, because the breasts are an extremely strong erogenous area. Let yourself be worn by imagination and stimulate the nipple area that raises the sexual desire of women. The person who performs the massage is placed with the knees in the area of the head of the person to be mashed and ensures that he has the freedom to affect extensive movements.

Breast massage can be a step of prelude and is also effective in case of sleep disturbances, so the cares in this area deeply deplete.

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