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Erotic massage salon – Confessions!

26 February, 2017   I   by Masaj Erotic Bucuresti

Men, these beings with a very difficult reason to understand sometimes, are simply satisfied, they go in the wind after oral sex and praise, and those who do not want to deceive their lovers / wives / mates, but only the left or right hand, They turn in the wind after erotic massage.

I would not want to be bad for any reason, I just want to show off for the expensive ladies and for those who are still in doubt if the massage saloon is a lollipop or not, we do not offer sex here but only sexuality.
For example, one day, Mr. X, he was tense, no one had served his morning coffee, and the day’s communication with “her” was “dear to pay your gas bill and take a box of water,” between Time at work the stressful environment brought him to the brink of collapse but suddenly he smiles, puts his hand on the phone and calls that number with 0756 89 89 89 πŸ™‚ (he was telling himself that the Confi lasted as long as he was making his number), made his appointment and climbing into the car, headed for his relaxing oasis.
There was a heavy tension in the air as I had not felt for a long time , so I met him with a warm smile and gently rubbed his shoulder as we headed for the room, To admire my posterior climbing the stairs before him. After 20 minutes (basically that means a little for me) the shower is invigorated, the part where the demons leave the body, the massage and the music in a state of serenity, until the dracusor in me begins to feel the “cherubim” freshly exorcised πŸ™‚ And look so an hour later, at the end of the “interview”, An interview in which memories, stories and confessions were interwoven , we have one unspoiled man who goes home happy and relaxed, with his paid gas bill, the water bag and above and a gift for the lady .
I thought it would be wrong for a new category to be introduced in the job nomenclature – couple therapists πŸ™‚

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