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Diary of Boudoir

26 February, 2017   I   by Masaj Erotic Bucuresti

When you have a taboo job, your world becomes one way or another a mystery for others. Many ask, most

Lying and those who know I think you’re courageous. It’s difficult to make this decision to enter the world of occult massage eroticism, but once you’ve made it from a person with a mind-boggling look, one who looks at things and especially the panoramic life. 

I remember my first days in the field, I was extremely shameful when I was in the room and my towel fell, and I stayed in all the splendor in front of the client, but with time I liked to like to watch their reactions when I see the body unfolded in a diffused light and an exceptional musical background.

Now, well now, I have no inhibition, I am so mastering on my own that my attitude dominates those who choose me in the massage, I open very easily, but I am discreet and silent if I see that I get answers monosyllabic.

I feel at the end of each massage that I have left a reassurance such as “I’m like this guy and that’s what we would like to know elsewhere, as I’d love to have”, of course they did not bother me with words; Amid the animal desire and atmosphere that surrounds us, but I have to admit I’m a little bit proud of my pride.


I like to laugh and cry at the same time, often when people are indoctrinated by prejudices
Communists catalog masseuses as companions. Well dear is an art to make anyone feel as if it were your great love, it’s an art to know how to touch someone so that they do not manage their body – most of them are the soul … So I’m referring to myself as an artist and my own scene where the script is always different, but I always have the lead role.

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